Five ways to #OptOutside

OptOutdoorsThis month we are celebrating the #OptOutside movement.  10% of this month’s profits will be donated to the First Descents charity that provides outdoor experiences to children and teens who are fighting cancer.

Join us this month – get creative and get outdoors.

  1. One morning this week, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and get outside for a walk before you start the day.
  2. One lunchtime, commit to walk/run/sit on a bench outside.  Just get out!
  3. This weekend schedule a two hour block in your day (non-negotiable!) to do something outdoors. Better yet, schedule it with family or a friend, so you have to commit!
  4. One evening this week, take detour on the way home from work and take a walk around a park.
  5. Shelve the idea of TV.  Just one time you reach for the remote, don’t do it.  Get your shoes on and go!

And remember, before you step outside the door, make sure you are fueled well.  You won’t feel like getting out if you’re feeling low on energy.

And you all know, Bravo Bars has the answer to that problem!  Keep a bar with you at all times and see how a little outside can inspire you.