What's in a name? Our name!Creating a mission that is Bravo Bars

When we sat down two years ago with the first ingredients that would become our first Bravo Bars, the name was only a small fragment in our minds.

While we baked late into the night refining the weights, measures and tasting, tasting, tasting, naming our bars was only the beginning.

The Bravo Bars Mission

We live in a complex world and we wanted to offer a simple solution to nutrition.  It was the very least we could do to help not only our immediate world, but the larger population at hand.

Nutrition has come a long way since everything was declared and marketed as ‘fat free!’ It’s becoming more and more commonly known that fat-free might mean just that, but it also may mean ‘packed to the gills with sugar.’

We – as a nation – still have a long way to go until the food on our shelves represents what our nation really needs. But we’re getting there.  And Bravo Bars is part of the solution.

Our ingredients are simple, our sugars as are low-glycemic as they come, and every mouthful is satiating so you won’t be craving more only an hour later.

Definition of Bravo

So why did we choose ‘Bravo’ to represent our brand.

The official definition is:  Bravo: interjection used as an exclamation, “well done!,” 1761, from Italian bravo, literally meaning “brave”

Yes, we’re brave!  We endeavor to take on a whole industry sector and compete with them on a level playing field shouting, ‘our bars are baked with love, and they’re baked with ingredients that won’t mess up your pancreas!’  It’s tough out there, but we’re tougher.

Bravo!  We shout this out at every order that comes through.  Because we know that a cheer, a well done is well deserved for every one of our customers that takes the time out of their day to make a good choice.  A choice of wellness.  A choice of better nutrition.

And that deserves a BRAVO! for all of our team.