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Why are Bravo Bars good for your health? Dried Cherries

The Cherry Coconut Bravo Bar contains dried cherries which have the following surprising health benefits.  In fact, cherries have been called the “heal all, anti-oxidant stone fruit.”

Cherries help fight cancer and disease: Anti-oxidants repair free radical damage and deprive cancer cells of proteins they need to grow.
Cherries are power anti-inflammatories:  Anthocyanins and bioflavonoids […]

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Coconut Nectar: The Low Glycemic Sweetener

Coconut Nectar: The Low Glycemic Sweetener

At Bravo Bars, we strive for better ingredients that offer more health benefits. So when it came to decide our sweetener, generic processed sugar was just not an option. Coconut sugar has the delicious sweet taste without the unnecessary additives, artificial flavors or sweeteners that the overly processed, nutrient bankrupt […]

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Why are Bravo Bars good for your health? Pumpkin Seeds or ‘Pepitas’

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Making your holidays easier and healthier

Holiday stocking stuffers from Bravo Bars
We’ve all been there.  The holidays are suddenly upon us before we know it.

Is it just us, or does December seem to be SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR?

Let us take care of all the small gifts you need to buy.  You know, the little ‘thank you’ mindings for those whose lives […]

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Five ways to #OptOutside this month

Five ways to #OptOutside
This month we are celebrating the #OptOutside movement.  10% of this month’s profits will be donated to the First Descents charity that provides outdoor experiences to children and teens who are fighting cancer.

Join us this month – get creative and get outdoors.

One morning this week, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and […]

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Gluten Free Companies in Colorado

We Made the #GlutenFree List!
We were honored to be listed as one of the great companies in Colorado producing gluten-free options for our customers.

Good for You Gluten Free is a super blog focusing on how to live a gluten-free lifestyle healthily.  Yes, we can all eat gluten free, but if you’re not eating a balanced […]

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Bravo Bars: What’s in a name?

Creating a mission that is Bravo Bars
When we sat down two years ago with the first ingredients that would become our first Bravo Bars, the name was only a small fragment in our minds.

While we baked late into the night refining the weights, measures and tasting, tasting, tasting, naming our bars was only the beginning.
The […]

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Healthy Snacks: Three Tips to Effective and Healthy Snacking

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Bravo Bars are Ashley Koff Approved

Bravo Bars are Ashley Koff Approved

Bravo Bars have been given the seal of approval from Ashley Koff, an internationally influential dietitian whose ‘approved list’ is a guide to help people make better food choices.

Who is Ashley Koff?

As a registered dietician, Ashley has focused on simplifying better nutrition with her ‘Better Nutrition Simplified’ program. She has […]

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Special Olympics Plane Pull

Know what’s awesome? Pulling a plane. Know what’s even better? Doing it to help the Special Olympics. Join us on August 1st at 11:00am for the Special Olympics Plane Pull. The plane pull is a game of tug-of-war between you, 24 of your closest friends, and a jumbo jet.

To compete, your team must raise at […]

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